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What makes us different

There are a lot of decorative hardware companies out there. Mostly large corporations  selling imitation hardware, or whatever is trending at the moment, and then there's the custom high end hardware companies making beautiful hardware but very expensive. We sell high end unique decorative hardware at a lower price point then any of the custom manufacturers.

Since 1981 when the company was founded we have been consistent in our decorative hardware offering, riding the ups and downs of french hardware popularity. Most hardware companies change their offering based on what's popular, so what was available 10 years ago is not today, but not us, you will find that the hardware we sell today is about 98% the same that we sold 25 years ago. So you can count on us for consistency. All the while we've added modern designs to satisfy every taste.

We offer finishes that no one else will offer, especially on steel. We offer the widest range of iron (steel) hardware available in the world. You will not find any other company having the range of iron finishes that we do, such as 3 different rust finishes, 4 different black finishes and various other distressed patinas that truly makes our hardware line unique to us. Plus our entire stock of brass and iron(steel) hardware is available un-coated so that you the customer can do your own finishes.

About our decorative hardware:

We sell the most unique traditional European decorative hardware mostly from France but also England and Italy. We do not carry products that is mass produced, in fact we import from small foundries and other suppliers that have been making hardware for decades if not centuries. Between our finishes and hardware it makes our offering truly unique and not available anywhere else, and because of our low overhead we can supply you the best hardware at better prices than the high end custom manufacturers.

How we work:

When you place your order, the production department pulls it from inventory and forwards it to either the finishing, polishing or machining department depending on the hardware part, finish and modification being requested. Nickel and gold finishes are sent to an outside vendor and then returned to us to ship. Items not in stock may take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. Remember we import our decorative hardware from France which is made to order. We do our best to carry everything in our catalog but this is impossible as some items are custom made.  ShopGerberhinge.com store carries only items in stock with a limited selection of finishes so that you can get your orders out quickly.

We are a family business operated by the second generation with over 42 years of experience. The owners are involved in the day to day operation and are very knowledgeable about their products, also working and processing your orders no matter if it's small or for an entire home. When you call us, your call will be answered by a person very knowledgeable about traditional french decorative hardware. You're in good hands with us.

We look forward to working with you,

Patrick Monast