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All finishes are done in-house. Except for polished brass all brass finishes are hand rubbed patinas with a wax coating.

Polished Brass     (Uncoated and polished)                                              

 Antique Brass      (Uncoated and antiqued)

Dark Antique Brass     (Uncoated and with a dark antiqued finish)

Oil Rubbed Bronze       (Oil rubbed)

All finishes done in-house. Except for "uncoated Iron" all Iron/Steel finishes are clear coated..

Uncoated Iron          (No finish applied to the iron(steel)

Coated Iron             (Coating applied to iron(steel) to prevent rusting)

Old Iron                    (Dark grey patina finish, clear coated)

Light Antique Iron     (Dark grey patina with distressing, clear coated)

Charcoal                    (Matt black patina with iron highlights, clear coated)

Dark Bronze             (Dark chocolate brown patina, clear coated)

Black                         (Black patina finish, clear coated)

Light Rust                  (Rust patina with light distressing, clear coated)

Heavy Rust                (Rust patina with heavy distressing, clear coated)